What Makes You Great?

After 16 weeks of intense, bone-jarring competition, the Superbowl is being played this next weekend between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. These two teams have put it all into getting where they are, and they have shown what makes them great.

So what makes YOU great? Unless you’re one of the 100 or so men playing in this spectacular bowl game this weekend, you might think you may need a little help defining what makes you great. But you don’t. It’s as little as ….

“I can make pasta from scratch.” Tom in Austin, TX

“I know how to knit.” Esther in North Carolina

“My arms are double-jointed.” Jeannine in Royal Oak, MI

Or it’s as big as…

“I’ve raised 4 spectacular kids who are kind, gentle and thoughtful.” Carrie in Barstow, CA

“I can teach a class of teenagers how to raise their babies and be great parents and have the dream and desire to go forward with training for a great job.” Mary in Dallas, TX

“I walked away from a six-figure job to start my own business.” Katrina, Ontario, Canada

Greatness comes in all shapes and all sizes. You are great in many ways, and often, all you need to do to discover your greatness is to open yourself up and listen to what the universe is telling you about yourself.

Do you find that people come to you about a certain problem all the time? That’s the universe’s way of showing you your greatness. My VA (virtual assistant) discovered she was great at working with teenagers when they would come to her and talk to her. She never had a reason to be around teenagers before, but she’s since gained many rewards, large and small, from working with them.

If you need some help on your path to discovering your greatness, perhaps some coaching would help you out. I’m here and I can help you discover your greatness!

Upcoming Events:

I will be presenting a seminar to the Virtual Assistant Networking Association on Wednesday, January 28, 2009 at 6PM EST. Please check out this website for great information on the virtual assistant industry.

On January 29, 2009 at 8PM EST, Smart Women’s Cafe is hosting its official launch. Please join me for networking, fun and prizes! Click on this link for details and to RSVP.


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