It’s Groundhog Day*

Do you sometimes feel like you’re living your life over and over and over?  Or, do you think you’re living the real-life version of the character in Bill Murray’s movie, “Groundhog’s Day”? This trap that you’re in – and you may or may not recognize that you’re in it – can be challenging. But when you realize that you need to get out of it, you’re in a good position to do something about it by doing some things to get into a new cycle.


Finding an accountability partner can help. This is a person that can ask you those tough questions, and gives you a reason to want to do something to make good on those promises you’ve been making.  An accountability partner can help you break some of those bad habits you may have fallen into, and help propel you forward.


Another great resource for helping you to move forward is to work with a coach. This week happens to be “International Coach’s Week”.  Finding a coach is easy. Finding the right coach for you can take some time and research. However, when you find that coach, and you have a connection, your time with that coach becomes invaluable. Even though I am a practicing coach (a personal branding coach), I also have a coach – every good coach does.  The time spent with my coach is invaluable.  She helps me stick to my goals and provides a safe place to explore ideas and challenges.


If you’re in a position to delegate, then do so!   Do what you do best and outsource the rest.  Another valuable asset to have is a virtual assistant (“VA”). They can take some of the burden off of you, and act is an accountability partner.  Your VA is someone looking out for your best efforts and is dedicated in helping you grow and maintain your business.


Since this is “International Coach’s Week” (February 1st – 7th), as your “Personal Branding Coach, I am extending a special gift to you.  If you are interested in a 15-minute, complimentary laser coaching session – to help you break a habit and get back on track – all you have to do is contact me by February 7th in order to take advantage of this gift.  Just send me an email at with “Bill Murray” in the subject line!


I look forward to helping you break some bad habits and build some new, great habits for 2009!


* The word is out: Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow.  We can look forward to 6 more weeks of winter!


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