Happy President’s Day!

Happy Day, if it’s a day off for you. Happy Day, if it’s not. I’m working today, as most entrepreneurs are, and I am loving it! I love it because today is a day to celebrate our President and all the Presidents before him. It reminds me of how different leaders lead and how I want to model (or not).

Speaking of presidents, how presidential are you? Are you presiding like the “president of YOU”? In other words, how are you leading?

We all lead – in one way or another – some of us don’t even realize it because we don’t have the title that goes along with it – president, CEO, chief of whatever… What’s also interesting is that some aren’t even aware that others are watching.

Leaders challenge the process by searching out challenging opportunities to change, grow, innovate, and improve. They experiment, take risks, and learn from the mistakes that they make. So don’t be afraid of your mistakes – if everyone did everything perfectly the first time around, we wouldn’t have Post-It notes, the light bulb or the telephone. None of these items were what the inventor intended when they were invented – but can you imagine a world without them?

Leaders inspire a shared vision. Our current President has said in many of his speeches that we, as a nation, should have a shared vision and work together to achieve this vision. This is true of any great leader. Look at children in school – true leaders emerge as early as Kindergarten when you see a pack of kids following one as they run around the playground and when you have a supervisor or a boss that inspires you to greatness because you want to be greater and strengthen the team.

Leaders set examples in their actions and their behaviors. They consistently promote progress and build commitment by achieving small wins every day.

And finally, they recognize individual contributions that contribute to the overall success of a project. They recognize that each of those individual contributions is what makes the team accomplishment so great.

I’m sharing with you 10 Commitments of Leadership borrowed from Kouze & Posner. I was first made aware of their book, “The Leadership Challenge” when I attended Leadership Detroit back in 2001. I keep this handy in my office as a constant reminder of how I wish to lead. I hope you enjoy it and please don’t keep it to yourself…share with others!


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