Are You Authentic?

Lou, a good friend of mine and a whiz at Online Video Branding was recently featured in an article in Fast Company about the importance of making sure that your brand, and your true authenticity is consistent in everything you do.

As a personal branding coach myself, I am struck at how many times people send mixed messages to their audiences – they are completely unaware that they are creating confusion by doing so. Things that seem so obvious to them, are oftentimes not to others. Sending a powerful, clear, positive idea in your authentic style will have people eating out of your hands. (well at least they’ll be asking for more!)

Just like companies know how powerful it is to brand their product or service, people need to do the same thing in order to be effective. We’ve all seen the person who is trying to be someone they aren’t. We know when someone is genuine or not. So, I ask you how is your authentic self playing out? Is it working for you or against you? How are you being remembered?

Lou, famous for his “LouTubes”, is a perfect example of how he has taken his passion around helping others build their brand presence into the world of video in a most fun, clever and authentic style. He is a master at this. You hear “LouTube” and you immediately start laughing – his essence is truly conveyed – you expect him to deliver great content in a fun way.

Lou recommends 5 tips in building your personal brand
1. Develop a “who & do what” statement
2. Define your “why you do it” statement
3. Focus on building relationships
4. Maximize social media
5. Use Online Video to stand out

If you want more, you can find him in the Smart Women’s Café in the Business and Passive Income Room. I’ll be interviewing him March 4th so sign up and submit your questions and he’ll answer them direct.

Remember, when you’re ready to build your brand using video, Lou’s your guy!


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