March Madness

Or… March is a Mad, Marvelous Month.  Here in Michigan the snow is finally melting after a really long, hard winter, and the thoughts are turning to spring. With the trees beginning to bud, the crocuses popping their purple heads out of the ground and the sounds of squeaking sneakers running across the courts in the NCAA basketball games – you know that March, with all of its marvelous madness is here.


March gives me the thought of spring cleaning, and renewing for the rest of the year. It really begins to hit home with me that the year is ¼ over. Yes – a quarter of the year has gone by and I’m trying to get it all done (and understanding and appreciating that it does not have to be perfect!). Another thing I have to understand, and perhaps you’re finding the same, is that what has been the norm is not what needs to continue to be the norm. Change and renewal, making it better, making it fit my life – is what I’m concentrating on now.


And yes – renewal is a common theme with me this year. It seems that even with New Years’ resolutions, nothing really gets going until March, when everyone comes out of their own hibernation – for lack of a better word – and starts their renewal with earnest.


When you go to the home improvement stores, you see the displays of all the things that make working outdoors easier. The flowers and bulbs on display are flaunting “color”.  Even the patio furniture and grills are making an appearance; making you think of the first time you can grill a steak and eat it on your deck with a glass of wine while the sun sets. (Oh, I cannot wait!)


Change and renewal don’t have to be big and overpowering. They just have to matter to you, and make you happy with what you’re doing to change or renew.


Change can be hard, too. The Detroit Pistons have undergone a change recently with the passing of their great leader Bill Davidson. But what Bill did was to instill in every member of the organization that he headed was this sense of commitment and ownership.  He understood that change is inevitable and coming to terms with it, and embracing it, can only make you better and stronger.


Renewal is coming to every team that plays in the NCAA championship. For some, they’ve been there before and are looking at new and better ways to improve their game and their performance.  For the teams that haven’t played in the playoffs, they are looking for that extra something special that can give them that championship win – perhaps for the first time ever.


What about you – are you embracing your change and your renewal?  Are you ready to go out and make the rest of March madly marvelous?


PS  Go MSU – you make a Spartan proud!  See you at Ford Field!


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