Socks and Two Caterpillars

For a while now I’ve had a routine on Monday mornings, I get up, I get my first cup of coffee and then I go out and get my Detroit Free Press and I sit down and I read it while drinking my coffee, welcoming my day, and getting my thoughts aligned for the day, and the week.

Change comes in many forms, and I’ve known this particular change was coming for a while, but I was surprised and dismayed to get up, get my coffee, open up my front door this morning, to find no Detroit Free Press waiting for me.

The “Freep” is moving into the digital age, and is cutting back on home delivery. I knew the change was coming, but kept avoiding the issue.

In Barbara Stanny’s book, “Secrets of Six-Figure Women”, she writes the following passage:

There’s a story about two caterpillars that spy a butterfly high overhead. One turns to the other and says, “You’ll never get me up in one of those things!” in many ways we’re like that caterpillar. We get a glimpse of our potential and immediately get cold feet. We may say we want something, but deep down, a muted voice is persuasively arguing, “No, you don’t.” Part of this is human nature, says psychologist Abraham Maslow. “We crave and fear becoming truly ourselves.”

How many times have you been the one who wants to soar, yet can’t because you’re the one keeping you down? How many ways have you sabotaged yourself in the last month, the last year, or all your life? Why do you think you continue to do this?

Getting cold feet can be an awakening that will spur you to do more for yourself, or more for your family. However, doing more for yourself will eventually give your loved ones a better life for themselves.

I’m also reminded of a scene in the popular television show “Everybody Loves Raymond” in which Ray and Debra are meeting with the priest before they get married and Ray is expressing his doubts about why Debra wants to marry him. She says (in her always exasperated tone), “I love you, you idiot! If you’re getting cold feet, then just go get some socks!” And then before they walk down the aisle, she has her parents take a pair of socks to him.

What if the MSU Spartans had gotten cold feet in their last game? They wouldn’t be in the Final Four of the NCAA Championship right now. What if Tiger Woods had gotten cold feet when he had to take time off for some personal issues. He found his socks and came back strong to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Sunday.

Having the self-awareness to see that your cold feet and your own human nature is holding you back can be the catapult to a better life – personally or professionally.



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