Success is a No-Brainer

Are you successful? Yes? Great! What did you do to get that way? Did you have some great, life-defining moment that garnered the success that you’re having now? If not – what’s stopping you from attaining the success you desire? Are those stumbling blocks things that you can get over very easily?

No matter your station in life, where you are, these questions are questions you should be asking yourself every day. And no matter your measure of success, always seeking to attain more is not a bad trait to have.

I’m lucky to be involved with some really amazing organizations that celebrate success and enable those that are seeking successes to connect with others that have achieved it. The Michigan Women’s Foundation had its annual dinner last week celebrating successful women in Michigan. These ladies have done things, have achieved goals and have always strived to be their best – no matter what’s come before them, thrown road blocks in their way, or tried to stifle them.

Another great organization, the Michigan Non-Profit Association is holding its Super Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 5 & 6, 2009 at the Hyatt in Dearborn. I’ve been asked to speak on branding at 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday and I’m so proud to be able to speak with everyone that will be there on the importance of branding. Branding yourself really does attribute to your success.

Also, the folks at Motor City Connect have put together a half-day workshop called Spark! Spark! will bring together sales, economic, branding, business growth and networking pros to connect with you and light a fire under your business development efforts. I’m so excited to share the stage with Terry Bean, Charlie Wollborg and Michael Angelo Caruso – all talented guys in their own right. I would love for you to be there and share in the successes there.

Life is defined by successes, both small and large, every day. Have you had a life-defining moment today? It’s not too late to have one, but don’t expect it. If you go through life expecting these big, life-defining moments, you’ll miss the small ones that really make life interesting.


One Response to Success is a No-Brainer

  1. Michael Angelo Caruso says:

    I look forward to working with you at the May 19 SPARK! event, Jill! Have heard many good things about you and am glad we’ll finally be speaking together. -Michael Angelo Caruso,

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