The Leadership Potential

The capacity for leadership is within all of us. But how do you uncover your capacity for leadership?

You find the strengths that are at your very core – what’s important to you? What makes you want to do the happy dance every day? What makes you smile – often for no reason? The answers may be as diverse as wanting to change the world through mentoring at-risk teenagers to raising Orchids. It doesn’t matter what others think your core values are, and what your strengths are – it matters to you, and to you only. Those strengths, and those core values are what will help you develop your own potential for leadership.

And being a leader doesn’t have to mean you’re in charge of a country or a large corporation. Being an effective leader – a leader that others look up to – can be that you lead your family to be a secure, happy family. This is no small feat, and one that should not be taken lightly.

The leadership potential that is in all of us can be tapped into in times of crisis. We’re under an economic downturn right now, and the most important thing that you can do for yourself, your family and those that are nearest and dearest to you is to tap into your leadership potential.

Detroit saw the passing of another legend last week – Chuck Daly. The Detroit Free Press had a very touching tribute to the legendary Pistons coach, detailing his life, his legacy and the battle with pancreatic cancer that he fought valiantly, but knew he couldn’t win. Even faced with that, Coach Daly’s perseverance was evident. At his funeral and memorial service, the respect for his leadership potential was evident in the number of people that turned out to pay their respects.

You have leadership potential. It doesn’t take leading a basketball team to championship for you to realize it. Tap into your leadership potential and start being the leader you (and I) KNOW you can be!


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