The Difference

Do you know what sets you apart from your competition? Failing to understand what sets you apart is one of the single worst mistakes a business – new or established can make. What is your strongest point of competitive differentiation? What is the single feature that sets you (or your company) apart from its competitors? Just about any professional business service provider can say they have integrity, or they can say they have excellent customer service. But what makes it so? Take a hard look at what you do how you do it and find one or two things that really set you apart. Then take a look at your competition – can they say the same thing about themselves? If not – there’s your difference, or your “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP).

If you’re having trouble finding what makes you stand out – ask your customers or your clients. Why have they chosen you over someone else? Poll several of your clients and you will begin to see a pattern emerging. This is where you will find your difference. It’s recommended that you do this mainly because you’re probably too close to the business of your business to see it and recognize it. Get input from others.

Once you find your difference, create a short, memorable phrase that is easy to incorporate into everything that you do.  This works for branding “you” or your product or service.  What is your USP?  If you don’t know….no one else will either.

By focusing on what makes you different, you’ll start to stand out. Whether a new or fledgling business – you need something unique that’s going to make you stand out to either potential new customers or your existing ones. Remember: because you’re looking for what makes you stand out – so are others in your market, too. Don’t get caught playing the “it’s always worked” game. In today’s economy, keeping yourself out there, and known, is what’s going to bring the customers to your door.  How are you getting ahead by getting known?


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