Get Ahead by Getting Known on Smart Women Talk

Don’t Go It Alone – Collaborate!

 “I’d love to hire you, but I just don’t have the money right now”.  Have you been hearing something like this a lot recently?  Although we are in very challenging times, the reality is that “nothing happens until something is sold” — that means a product, a service or even an idea.  Staying still – doing nothing – waiting for a better day – praying to win a lottery – won’t work!

 As a personal branding coach, I teach individuals how to create your personal brand or unique selling proposition so that you will stand out and be selected first, before others.  I must admit that I too, have run into challenges with the weak economy in generating revenue for my business, “Get Ahead by Getting Known”.  But I have found a secret that has continued to help me attract new business, in spite of the economy.

 If you would like to know the secret, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how little it will actually cost you!  Ready?  Grab a pen.  Write this down:  Don’t Go It Alone!

 That’s it.  Don’t even think of doing what you need to do all by yourself.  Grab a friend.  Create a joint venture.  Collaborate.  Co-promote.  Partner with others – even those who have been perceived as your competition in the past.  Don’t Go It Alone!  Those who know me well, call me the Networking Concierge because I am always connecting people.  So it’s very natural for me…but you can try this too!

Here are just two examples that have worked for me in generating revenue through visibility in the marketplace:

 Join a membership group such as the Smart Women’s Coaching Café.  The cost for entry is free.  The next level with live coaching is only $27 per month – less than a buck a day.  There is limitless information to tap into.  Many folks after joining have even come on as experts in the community or have created joint ventures.  Amazing things can happen within community!!

 Create a joint venture for a product or service.  This way you can partner with someone who has different strengths and unique abilities than you do, plus you can combine your databases and resources when marketing your product or service.  Our radio show is a sample of this.  Smart Women Talk features four different co-hosts all Contributing Experts in the Smart Women’s Café!  We each focus on our unique expertise:  caregiving, marketing, money or energy.  Plus it’s a lot more fun than Going It Alone.

 For more ways to promote your business without breaking the bank, join us for Smart Women Talk this week, with special guest, author, and marketing guru, Gail Martin, founder of Dreamspinner Communications.  Gail will share with you:

     How PR is a start-up’s best friend

     How your best marketing weapon is YOU

     And, why social media and the internet are vital to your business…..and so much more!

Join us Tuesdays at 8 am Pacific at  You can even call in and have your question answered on air!  Remember, Do Not Go It Alone, join Katana, Jill, Carole and Danielle at Smart Women Talk every Tuesday at 8 am Pacific!

 Jill Jordan is a Personal Branding Coach of Visit her at or email her at


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