Why it Was so Easy to say “Yes!”

Every summer since 1932, over 500 people from across the country come together to make the Laguna Beach, California Festival of Arts, a local event with international draw and appeal.

I had the opportunity to see the 2012 production titled “The Genius” firsthand, as my husband was in the orchestra – a truly wonderful way to fill his summer recess from his job with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

I was amazed by the creativity and artistry that morphed the works of famous painters into intricate stage sets with live actors. I was more amazed when I learned that the people on stage, the costume designers, seamstresses, make-up and hair stylists, and everyone else involved with the production, were all volunteers – and their volunteer commitment ran for 60 days.

It started me thinking: What if we all had that level of enthusiasm for our local charities?

What if every opportunity we had to give back to our community filled us with joy, and made us all, individually and collectively, better people, better citizens, better stewards of our world?

That is why it was so easy for me to give an enthusiastic “Yes!” to Molly MacDonald when she asked me to co-chair the 2012 Annual Luncheon benefiting the charity she founded, The Pink Fund.

The Pink Fund provides direct household bill payment for women and men in active treatment for breast cancer who have lost all or a portion of their income as a result of their treatment protocol. I think every one of us knows at least one person whose life has been impacted by this disease, and seen the financial devastation that can ensue as a result.

And so I gratefully accepted the role as co-chair, and I ask you to consider how you might help. Are you willing to volunteer? We need help on the committee, volunteers to assist the day of the event, and much more. The event will be held September 15, in Dearborn. Ticket prices and donation options are detailed on The Pink Fund’s website.

We need people willing to change their own lives by helping to change the lives of others.

How can I make it easy for you to say “Yes”?

Warm Regards,



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