As The Seasons Change

Whether the calendar proves it or not, you can always tell when the season is changing. It’s not just that the sun sets a few minutes earlier or that there’s a chill in the morning air – there’s a shift in our thinking, a shift in our behaviors. 

We grow and change, we evolve, like nature, and whether we like it or not, we need to change with the times.  

Sometimes that means giving up what we’re attracted to for the sake of what is appropriate. I still love mini-skirts and tank tops, but they just don’t carry the image I wish to portray as an established, respected professional and speaker.

As you shop for your fall wardrobe, keep a few things in mind:

Spend more on classic pieces that you will wear for several years – pieces that will never go out of style.
Keep in mind that not everyone is a “perfect fit” to a designated size – any size. Invest in a good tailor for a proper fit, whether you’re buying from a discount house, resale shop or a high-end designer/couture house. Far better to have the “fit” than the “designer.” 
Speaking of designers, I do have a favorite.  I’ve  been wearing the Carlisle and Per Se collections for years and can honestly say that I have pieces in my wardrobe that are over 15 years old.  The versatility and quality of the brand makes for that stylish staying power!
When I work with women on enhancing their personal brand image, I often refer them to The Carlisle Collection as a place to find that signature piece to achieve a look that suits her taste, personality and unique lifestyle.  

Spend less on “fad” pieces that will be cute and stylish right now, but be relegated to the resale shop come September next year. 

And don’t overbuy. Trust me, that’s a piece of advice I have to tell myself every time I shop, but the truth is, we don’t really need that much to put together a great wardrobe. We just need to be certain that the pieces we purchase work with a variety of other pieces already in our closet. Yes, I do mean the mix-and-match wardrobe!
And last of all, be mindful that you wear the clothes – the clothes don’t wear you. Too often, we see competent, amazing women overpowered by the clothes they wear. When you stand on stage, or at the head of the Board Room table, the audience’s attention should be on YOU, not  your outfit. People are easily distracted by clothing; keep it simple so they’ll remember what you said rather than what you wore.
Autumn is here. Work with and within your own season.
Warm Regards,

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