Corporate Clients


 Just Ask Jill to join you at your business! 


One of Jill’s greatest joys is to know that she has touched someone in a special way – to inspire, encourage or connect while bringing out their authenticit y and special talents. Everyone has unique capabilities which are often hidden or undiscovered.  Jill is dedicated to helping you identify and communicate these strengths you bring to the world.  She has devoted her life to helping others create a personal brand, enhance their professional presence and develop their signature style. Whether presenting as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, seminar presenter, or before a women’s group, Jill provides the perfect mix of inspiration, honesty and fun. 

 Most Requested Topics (designed to your time allotment)

– Brand You: Create Your Personal Brand

– Build & Cultivate Relationships that Last a Lifetime

– Professional Presence is More Than a New Suit 


“If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will – and, it may not be the brand you want!”

“Jill uses her personal experience and an approprte mix of practical knowledge, candor, empathy, and humor to help you create a path to happiness and success.  Jill Jordan is simply the best personal coach that any woman could ask for.” ~~ Kate Kohn-Parrott, Executive, Chrysler Corporation

“It was truly an honor to have you as a guest speaker at Lawrence Tech.  The topic on branding yourself and your insights were timely, especially given the difficult economic times we’re facing.  You provided a shot-in-the-arm to get up and do something!” ~~ Len DiLaura, Professor, Lawrence Tech

“Participating in the event was a great opportunity to recharge, do something for my creer, and connect with great professional women.  The tips were on-target, practical, and easy to apply.” ~~ Lisa Bell, Director of  HR, Owens Corning

“Jill’s session was priceless to me as I went through a personal re-branding process from an Automotive Executive to a Financial Advisor.  The approach is both practical and inspirational.” ~~ Nancy Salvia, Financial Advisor, Merrll Lynch

“This event helped to remind me that it is important to always look professional and be prepared because one never knows when they may meet a potential client.” ~~ Cheryl Andeer, SKBK Sotheby’s Realty



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