About Jill


Do you ever wonder why it is that certain people achieve great success, while others with the same characteristics and competencies don’t?                    

Well, the answer may be that you haven’t created your own “personal brand”!

Jill Jordan, Personal Branding Coach and founder of Get Ahead By Getting Known, shares why you need a strong “personal brand” in order to be successful – no matter what business you may be in.   

Jill also knows that a strong, memorable “personal brand” dramatically affects your business and relationships.  She believes that everyone has unique capabilities which are often hidden or undiscovered. As a personal branding coach, Jill is dedicated to helping professionals identify and communicate the strengths they bring to the world.  A personal brand is about creating an identity that influences how prospects, clients and decision-makers perceive you. 


With more than 20 years experience in sales, marketing and leadership development, coupled with her devotion towards supporting others who are reinventing or remodeling their lives, Jill’s goal is to see more people live authentically, that is to live from their heart with purpose, passion and prosperity.  Jill received her BS from Michigan State University and has mentored and coached countless professionals over the years — not to mention, she has personally interviewed over 1,000 individuals in her lifetime – making her an expert on what works and what doesn’t in conveying a powerful personal brand!  Jill is also a Contributing Expert in the Smart Women’s Coaching Institute — an oline community and resource center for women in personal and professional transition.  Their members support and mentor one another as well as provide forums in which to build relationships and collaborative partnerships.  

 Are you promoting your brand?  Just Ask Jill at jill@jillannejordan.com 


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